Webhosting at Domeinwinkel

Stable and safe webhosting for all different platforms, that is what we offer at Domeinwinkel.

  • Full DNS management

1. Quality services

...a fast website that is available anywhere

The stability and speed of our service are important to us. Your website has to load quickly enough and should never be offline for no reason.

That's why we use our high quality servers only so your website gets the best it needs.

2. Optimal security

...against spam and for a good website & e-mail

Our servers are optimally protected against spam and viruses. This keeps your website and e-mail protected from spam and unwanted intruders allowing visitors to use your website without worries. The servers are constantly monitored so that we can prevent and control any unwanted activity quickly.

In order to protect your own website we make daily backups of your website. These are stored for 2 days so you can always fall back on these when you make unrepairable mistakes.

3. Intuitive & user-friendly

...quick and easy management of your website and e-mail through our management tool

Domainwinkel has tested many management tools of other web hosts and selected the best elements to achieve an easy and intuitive management tool.

Within your own Domainwinkel account you can manage all important issues and find tips and information on how to optimally configure your domain and webhosting.

4. Personal & fast support

Domainwinkel doesn't treat its customers like robots, but provides personal support via email and live chat. All inquiries are welcome! and we guarantee an answer to your question within max. 1 day (usually much faster). If your question is very difficult to solve, we will just call you.

Our customer service is open Monday to Friday.

5. 10+ years of experience

Domainwinkel was founded in 2003 and has been in the hosting business ever since. By choosing for Domainwinkel you get many years of experience and quality for your services.

We also continue to improve ourselves in terms of performance, safety and service where customers will benefit free of it.

6. Green hosting

Natural resources are not infinite, therefore Domainwinkel does its part in maintaining a healthy and livable environment. Want to know more?

Natuurbronnen zijn niet oneindig, dus daarom draagt Domeinwinkel graag haar steentje bij aan het behoud van een goed milieu. Meer weten?

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