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Complete freedom, very competitive prices, quality and convenience!

Domainwinkel offers resellers complete freedom in offering the purchased services. In addition to our extremely discounted domain registration there are many standard and customized solutions for reseller web hosting. Domainwinkel is very flexible and happy to think with you about how to provide the best package to your customers.

So you can opt for reseller hosting with lots of web space where websites with large mailboxes and content benefit from, but it is also possible to create very high-performance reseller hosting service for the websites with a lot of interaction and applications. Even a combination of both is possible.

The customer management system is 100% white label with additionally a bulk optimized management environment for resellers. Because of this you spend as little time possible updating data through your convenient Domainwinkel bulk management account.

At Domainwinkel you are at the right place for reseller webhosting and a wide range of domains (over 200 domain extensions) that are easy to manage and register.

All websites within your reseller webhosting pakkage are daily backed up and monitored constantly so that we always offer a solution to any problem as quickly as possible.

Our personal support is daily available through phone and mail to help you quickly with any questions, so you can switch quickly and without any problems with your own client. In addition, Domainwinkel offers a comprehensive helpdesk. where many questions are answered immediately.

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