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Are you planning to create a website or do you have one already? At Domainwinkel you "rent" space on one of our super-fast web servers.

All our servers have a fast, stable and secure connection to the Internet 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Like that your website is always accessible for visitors!

  • Fast loading time
  • Free Wordpress installation

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Discount applies to the first 6 months, when registering for a minimum of 1 year. After that, the standard rate applied.

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Webhosting at Domeinwinkel

...speed, convenience and safety for your website

Webhosting at Domainwinkel offers many advantages in terms of performance, ease of use, safety and fun. Want to know which webhosting Domainwinkel can offer you?

High performance SSD webhosting

...enjoy the fastest webhosting ever

Does your website need that extra speed?

With or SSD hosting environment, you benefit from extreme website performance!

SSL Certificate

...extra security for your website

Do you have a website or web shop with customer login or payment module? Than it is a good idea to secure your website with an SSL certificate. Want to know more?

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324 Dutch customers rate Domainwinkel with an average score of 4,4 out of 5 stars.

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Wordpress webhosting

the most popular CMS

We install Wordpress for free when you purchase hosting. You need to have little technical knowledge for Wordpress to make yourself a beautiful website.

All our hosting packages are optimally configured for Wordpress and include easy management functionality for your website.

Basic hosting for Wordpress is a good starting point for a nice site!

Wordpress webhosting

Joomla webhosting

perfect for pretty websites

Want to make a beautiful website? Then Joomla is an easy online application to quickly publish your site online. You have a nice website online in no time!

Obviously you install and use Joomla completely free inside your hosting package! You can already use Joomla from Basic webhosting.

Want to start with Joomla? Choose your web hosting.

Joomla webhosting

Prestashop webhosting

your own webshop online

PrestaShop allows you to quickly and easily create your own webshop. You can build yourself a fully functional shop with different themes and plugins.

Via your hosting package you can install and manage Prestashop easily and use the management capabilities within your web hosting package for free.

Want a successful webshop? We recommend a Basic High Performance package.

Prestashop webhosting

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