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Hosting and domains with Domainwinkel Premium quality, trustworthy and personal

Offering premium, fast and reliable webhosting in addition to sharply priced domain registrations are the basis of the services of Domainwinkel.

We offer fast registration for your perfect domain. Like this you can quickly put your website online through your chosen hosting service. In addition, you can register your own unique domain name and manage your hosting through our extremely user-friendly management system.

Forward your domain for free to another website or opt for fast SSD hosting to make your site through Domainwinkel. The choice for a hosting package is very simple, you just choose the hosting and domain name that best fit your website. Domainwinkel ensures that all technical aspects work and you are good to go!

At Domainwinkel you're in the right place for a wide range of hosting and domain names (more than 200 domain extensions) that you can register and manage easily and quickly.

Want to know if a standard hosting package or perhaps an SSD hosting is the best choice for you? Or do you have other questions? Our personal customer service will give you quick answers to all your questions (within 24 hours max.). We ensure you that you can quickly proceed with creating your own site. Is it more difficult? Then we'll just give you a quick call...

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